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Mark Landman was born in San Francisco in 1953. Of his work, the artist says, "My comix are created to be simple entertainment, both for myself and hopefully others…fast, fun, and silly [but also] with a visual depth and level of detail that will delight the reader and reward subsequent re-readings.” Landman's comics have appeared in BLAB!, Blue Loco, Buzz, Snarf, RAW's “The Narrative Corpse,” Weirdo, Heavy Metal, Suburban High Life, and Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy. His "Fetal Elvis" character appears semi-regularly in BLAB! and was also selected for inclusion in American Illustration 21. Landman currently resides in the bohemian burg of Cotati with his wife, daughters, and cats.

“Fetal Elvis” in New and Used Blab! Cummich Books, 2002
Buzz #1-3. (Ed.) Kitchen Sink Press (Northampton, Mass.)