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Summer Art Camp at St. Paul's- Session 1

CARE 200: YPS Before Care - St. Paul's Location; Session I (6/19-6/30) $100.00

Course Description

Before Care - St. Paul's Session I

CARE 210: YPS Lunch Care - St. Paul's Location- Session I (6/20- 7/1) $75.00

Course Description

Lunch- St. Paul's

CARE 220: YPS After Care- St. Paul's Location- Session I (6/17 -6/30) $145.00

Course Description

After Care- St. Paul's

NCSP 101: An Art Safari $350.00

Course Description

Location St. Paul's Grades K-2. In this class children take an imaginary journey through different parts of the world to discover and learn about animals in their native habitats. Using ideas and experiences from their journeys, along with visual resources and works by selected artists, students create drawings, paintings and sculptural forms to create personal visual responses to what they have seen and learned.

NCSP 115: Drawing from Observation and Imagination (Grades 6-8) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 6-8. In this course, students hone perceptual and observational drawing skills using a variety of 2-D media and specific subject matter such as still-life set-ups, objects, natural forms, and the surrounding landscape. Students learn skills and techniques for realistic rendering by focusing on and capturing what they see using value, shading and contrast to create a sense of form, Composition is emphasized as students make purposeful decisions about how to organize space within a picture plane.

NCSP 152: Illustrating Stories (Grades 3-5) $350.00

Course Description

Grades 3-5. Location St. Paul's. Do you love to create and tell fantastic stories? Can you tell a story through drawings? In this course, students look at a series of beautifully illustrated children’s books as inspiration for their own personal story-telling and image-making. Using a variety of 2-dimensional media, students create innovative and diverse pages for a very unique illustrated story. Students who are avid readers and imaginative writers enjoy the literacy component of this course. Students who wish for more encouragement in reading and expressing thoughts in writing also benefit from this fun class!

NCSP 161: Build It! Constructing Artistic Sculpture (Grades 1-2) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 1-2.Do you have a knack for putting together unusual materials to create interesting three-dimensional objects? In this hands-on, multi-media sculptural course, students use additive techniques to attach, glue, twist, stack, tie, dangle and arrange as they explore the ways varied materials can be combined to create expressive forms that may be artful, functional or both. Materials such as found objects, wood, paper and board are used for construction of these innovative sculptures, then they are embellished with a variety of natural and man-made materials. Students are encouraged to use their own artful thinking to find and bring in interesting objects and materials for use in this course.

NCSP 221: Printmaking Workshop (Grades 3-5) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 3-5. (Originally used as a means of duplicating images, printmaking has become an art form in its own right. In this course, students use relief, intaglio, stencil techniques, collographs and combinations of these to explore the expressive potential of printmaking media. Works by historic and contemporary artists are examined to identify ways in which they have applied design and technique in their prints. Emphasis is on developing a personal repertoire of symbols and imagery that are then incorporated into single prints as well as editions of prints. Students are exposed to a variety of hand-printing and printing press techniques.

NCSP 232: Automatons (Grades 6-8) $350.00

Course Description

Grades 6-8. Location: St. Paul's Schools. Using a variety of recycled everyday materials, students will develop basic mechanisms to create a moving toy. This STEAM based art class (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) will allow students to explore concepts of simple machines and their uses into making animated sculptures. Students will use the Engineering Design Process to draw and design their creation, develop a working sculpture and test their design. Some tools will be used, with instruction on their safe use. This will include pliers, clippers, glue gun, and hand drill.

NCSP 313: Portfolio Preparation: Oil Painting Techniques (grades 9-12) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 9-12. For students who have experience drawing from life and would like to learn more about the unique qualities of oil paint. Used as the primary medium throughout the history of painting, the versatility, and richness of oil paint have allowed artists to capture moments in time, events, and likenesses in ways that no other medium can. students work primarily from life using a combination of still-life, portrait, and landscape to develop skills in utilizing cohesive color schemes using specific oil painting techniques - underpainting, glazing, smooth application of color, impasto. Note: Students will use solvents in this course. Due to the use of oil pigments, a materials fee for this course will apply.

NCSP 317: Portfolio Prep: Exploring Color Media (Grades 9-12) $350.00

Course Description

Grades 9-12. Using a variety of dry and wet color media, students explore the powerful role of color on an artwork’s mood, atmosphere and overall visual impact. In order to make informed decisions about color, students first learn color relationships and color theory as they create a series of related compositions that reflect specific color schemes. Throughout the course, students view the works of master painters as inspiration for the infinite ways color can be utilized for stylistic and expressive purposes.

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