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Summer Art Camp at St. Paul's - Session 2

CARE 201: YPS Before Care - St' Paul's Location; Session II (7/3-7/14) $90.00

Course Description

Before Care - St. Paul's

CARE 211: YPS- Lunch- St. Paul's Location; Session II (7/5- 7/15) $65.00

Course Description

Lunch- St. Paul's

CARE 221: YPS After Care- St. Paul's Location- Session II (7/3-7/14) $135.00

Course Description

After Care- St. Paul's

NCSP 113: A Closer Look (Grades K-2). $315.00

Course Description

Grades K-2. This course is designed to enhance the young artists perception of their familiar world while broadening their experiences with the world of art. In each class meeting the child will explore a different theme in depth using multiple learning modalities. Through drawing, painting and sculpture, the child expresses personal experiences and responses to ideas images, and the visual world. No class on July 4th.

NCSP 119: My Favorite People, Places, & Things (Grades K-2) $315.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades K-2. In a safe, open, and nurturing environment, students are guided to explore their surroundings (indoors and out), notice shapes, and textures, talk about their findings, and tap into their sense of exploration and play. Using important people in their lives, memorable places they've been, and objects that have significant personal meaning, students create lively, colorful works using a variety of 2D and 3D techniques. Emphasizes creative problem-solving, idea-generation, and exploration of the attributes and limitations of various media. No class on July 4th.

NCSP 160: ReCycled, ReMade, ReSeen (Grades 3-5) $315.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 3-5. Here is an opportunity to create something new from something forgotten or unwanted. Look around, cardboard tubes and boxes, plastic bottles and bottle caps, plastic forks and spoons, a broken coffee mug. Everywhere you look there is an object of waste waiting for a new purpose. In this course children will have the opportunity enhance perceptive skills by way of examining found objects for the countless alternative uses for creative expression. The magic happens when children respond to their imagination by creating sculptures, exploring surface design, or making collages, all which create narratives conveying a sense of playfulness and innovation.No class on July 4th.

NCSP 203: Perceptual Skills in Drawing (Grades 6-8) $315.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 6-8. Designed for students who want to improve drawing skills and work towards more realistic drawings, this course focuses on drawing from observation. Students are guided through a carefully sequenced, step-by-step process designed to develop the student's perception and thinking skills. Based upon exercises in Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, this approach has been successful in improving students' ability to draw realistically, even for those who think they cannot draw. As such, it provides the young artist with an excellent bridge between drawing symbolically and working more realistically. No class on July 4th.

NCSP 213: Exploring Painting and Media Techniques (Grades 6-8) $315.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's (Grades 6-8). The focus of this course is on the techniques that are used in painting media. Specific painters are studied as students become involved in a series of structured painting exercises to develop painting skills and learn about the qualities of different painting media and techniques. Students apply knowledge gained from their painting exercises to painting fully developed compositions. No class on July 4th.

NCSP 224: Painting Workshop- Grades 3-5 $315.00

Course Description

Grades: 3-5. Location: St. Paul's School. For the student who loves to paint, this course is designed to help students refine their skills in observing color, making purposeful choices about color, and painting from life. Students will experiment with acrylics, temperas and watercolors as they learn to mix cohesive color palettes and apply both realistic and expressive color to their pieces. Works from past and contemporary artists will be used to emphasize the incredible diversity of styles and expressiveness that can be achieved with color. No class on July 4th.

NCSP 301: Portfolio Preparation: Observational Drawing (Grades 9-12) $315.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 9-12. In this course, students hone observational drawing skills using a variety of 2-D media and specific subject matter such as still-life set-ups, objects, natural forms, and the surrounding landscape and/or cityscape. Students learn numerous skills and techniques for representational drawing by focusing on and capturing what they see using value, shading and contrast to create a sense of form. Composition is emphasized as students make purposeful decisions about how to organize space within a 2-dimensional picture plane. No class on July 4th.

NCSP 310: Portfolio Preparation: Beyond the Self Portrait (Grades 9-12) $315.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 9-12. Explore how a self-portrait is created, beginning with the traditional self-portrait and then branching into thematic and/or color conceptual ideas about self as the basis for composing self-portraits that may or may not include a ace. Students begin with observational work using mirrors and dray drawing media, then express themselves via self-portrait in unusual, meaningful and innovative ways, problem solving ideas from beginning to end, analyzing the efficacy of developing images (self as well as peers) and developing a repertoire of visual thinking techniques. No class on July 4th.

NCYP 311: Portfolio Preparation: Drawing and Painting the Urban Landscape $315.00

Course Description

Grades 9-12. How can words be used in visual art? Travel through the pages to uncover secret codes, use books to create 3D artwork, turn a rap song into a collage, create a hieroglyphic repousse, write a puppet show script, draw optical illusions with words and use artistic journaling to explore how written worlds meet. No class on July 4th.

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