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Summer Art Camp at St. Paul's - Session 3

CARE 202: YPS Before Care - St. Paul's Location- Session III (7/17- 7/28) $100.00

Course Description

Before Care - St. Paul's

CARE 212: YPS Lunch- St. Paul's Location- Session III (7/18- 7/29) $75.00

Course Description

Lunch- St. Paul's

CARE 222: YPS After Care- St. Paul's Location- Session III (7/17- 7/28) $145.00

Course Description

After Care- St. Paul's

NCSP 102: My Family in Art (Grades K-2) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades K-2. Students begin by exploring how the theme of “family” has been used throughout history in paintings, illustrations, books, and other visual media. Then, using family adventures, important memories and daily happenings, young children use words and pictures to tell their own stories. Emphasis is on use of descriptive words, personal experiences, expressive writing, and verbal storytelling. Shared narratives and collaborative work help students add richness and imagination to their stories. Using a visual journal, students record and embellish life experiences into fantastic adventures with a personal twist.

NCSP 111: Word Art (Grades 3-5) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's (Grades 3-5). How can words be used in visual art? Travel through the pages to uncover secret codes, use books to create 3D artwork, turn a rap song into a collage, create a hieroglyphic repousse, write a puppet show script, draw optical illusions with words and use artistic journaling to explore how written worlds meet.

NCSP 135: The Places We'll Go! (Grades 3-5) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School. Grades 3-5. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to faraway places across the seas? Let's ride elephants in Thailand, journey across the Pacific, travel by camel across the desert and fly up to the moon! In this unpredictable and adventurous course, students open their eyes to the colors, textures and styles of the people and places around the world (and beyond). From the most remote mountains to bustling cities, students explore the contrasts and similarities of cultures and places. Working with their "travel companions," students collaborate with classmates to select the places to which they journey, creating art along the way.

NCSP 166: Encounters with Painting (Grades K-2) $350.00

Course Description

(Grades K-2) Painting is full of surprises for young children. Exploring, expressing, and experimenting with paint allows opportunity for learning about colors and how to mix them as well as an excellent opportunity for the development of a personal symbolic communication. In this course students will have repeated experiences with the fully expressive medium as they discover various kinds of paint, multiple tools for applying wet media and investigating different surfaces. This course is about the process yet undoubtedly will have special value to the children as it will be a means for vivid representation of their innermost ideas and feeling.

NCSP 222: Cartoon Character Design(Grades 6-8) $350.00

Course Description

Location: St. Paul's School Grades 6-8. Cartooning provides a wonderful means for young people to express their opinions and ideas, entertain one another, bring forth laughter, and take amazing flights of fantasy. Young artists will learn how cartoonists develop their ideas, put together a unique persona of traits and physical features, and create the personality and appearance of an original cartoon character. Artists will learn basic elements and create their own cartoon strips and one-panel cartoons with original characters.

NCSP 231: Innovative and Metaphorical Self Portraits (Grades 6-8) $350.00

Course Description

Grades 6-8. Students begin with the traditional self-portrait and an understanding of basic facial proportions, then branch into thematic and/or metaphorical ideas about self as the basis for composing expressive self-portraits that may or may not include a face. Students begin with observational work using mirrors and dry drawing media such as charcoal, pastels, and pencil. Once this foundation is established, various prompts will guide students to think about expressing themselves via self-portrait in unusual, meaningful, and innovative ways.

NCSP 316: Portfolio Prep: Drawing & Painting Inspired by Nature $350.00

Course Description

Grades 9-12. Location: St. Paul's Schools. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artistic creating throughout the ages. Intended for the student who is moved by beauty and wishes to respond artistically to the colors, textures and forms found in nature, this course is a remarkable journey in collaborating with nature to create very personal, meaningful art. Rather than simply drawing from life, students are asked to think critically about subject matter choices and points of view. Beginning with open-ended prompts to help determine personally meaningful or symbolic subject matter for life-drawing, students respond visually by seeking places, objects, and scenes to communicate personal narratives. Students think deeply and critically about how to infuse a work from life with symbolic meaning, mood, and personal style via distinct personal mark-making and expression.

NCSP 318: Portfolio Prep: Kinetic Sculpture Design (Grades 9-12) $350.00

Course Description

Grades 9-12. Location: St. Paul's Schools. Using a variety of recycled everyday materials, students will develop mechanisms to create a moving sculpture. This STEAM type art class (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) will allow students to explore concepts of simple machines, motors, and circuits to understand their uses into making animated sculptures. Students will use the Engineering Design Process to draw and design their creation, develop a working sculpture and test their design. Some tools will be used, with instruction on their safe use. This will include pliers, clippers, glue gun, soldering iron, and hand drill. Batteries not included.

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