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CSDR 101: Learning to Draw $645.00

Course Description

Students develop their ability to perceive and render forms in space on a two-dimensional surface. The course introduces basic drawing techniques and materials, with an emphasis on drawing from observation. Topics covered include line, value, gesture, composition, linear, and atmospheric perspective. Note: Students should bring an 18” x 24” newsprint pad (rough), very soft to soft vine charcoal, and a large kneaded eraser to the first class meeting. No class on November 24.

CSPT 103: Basic Watercolor $430.00

Course Description

Through demonstration and experimentation, students explore a range of approaches to watercolor and learn the fundamentals of this versatile medium. Watercolor techniques, properties of transparent pigments, color mixing, basic brush strokes, paper and palettes are covered. In addition, students learn how to observe the interaction of color in nature and establish successful color relationships in their compositions. Painting both indoors and outon MICA's campus and its surroundings, students explore a range of subjects, from the still lifeand figure to simple landscapes and cityscapes, with increasing degrees of complexity. Emphasisis placed on building self-confidence with the medium and collecting a vocabulary of techniques to encourage advancement. Note: On the first day of class, students will need to bring one Windsor-Newton cotman pocket plus watercolor set with 12 pans and fine brush (if you don't get this set you will need a plastic palette); one Strathmore watercolor block 11"x15"; Watercolor brushes; one no. 5 round brush, one no. 20 oval wash; one roll of paper towels; a plastic water container( such as a clean yogurt container).

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