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Professional Practice

CSPD 207: Creative Boot-Camp $645.00

Course Description

A big idea in today’s marketing world goes a long way, but there is a real dearth of big thinkers out there. Creative professionals need ideas big enough to cover web, mobile, social, ambient, viral, guerrilla, print, and outdoor media executions. Participants will learn how to approach thinking and brainstorming in a new way. Copywriters, art directors, and designers of all levels are welcome. Bring a layout pad, a black marker, and a desire to think bigger. Note: No class on March 12.

CSPD 220: Intro to Art Therapy $645.00

Course Description

In times of trauma, visual art can provide a sanctuary from which to express, view, and help understand where we are in time and space. This art therapy course will examine its historical roots and theoretical underpinnings through readings, writings, art making experiences, and visual journaling. Topics include what art therapy is and isn’t; how art therapists conduct sessions; and how artwork can be used to effect behavioral, emotional, and personality changes. Students will understand how the creative process can reveal inner needs and conflicts as well as enhance one’s quality of life. Note: No class March 15. Instructor: Christy Bergland is a licensed pioneering art therapist in Maryland with a BFA from MICA, an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters in Art Therapy from Drexel University. Christy came to the profession of art therapy out of her passionate dedication to her own artistic process. She is also a past president of the Creative Alliance.

CSPD 275: Intro to Adobe Creative Suite $645.00

Course Description

This introductory class will offer newcomers an overview of the Adobe Creative Suite. The popular software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications including Photoshop, Acrobat, After Effects, InDesign, and Illustrator are the industry standard applications for many graphic design positions today. Students will get an overview of all that the Creative Suite has to offer and how it is utilized by creative professionals today. No class March 12.

CSPD 304: Intro to Adobe Premiere $645.00

Course Description

This introductory hands-on class will introduce students to the editing features of Adobe Premiere Pro. Areas covered will include: importing footage, titles, audio/video effects, audio/video transitions, motion graphic capabilities and exporting videos. The goal of this class is to help students develop the skill set needed for creating the narrative structure, rhythm and pace that is key in creating dynamic visual storytelling today. Prerequisite: A working knowledge of the Macintosh computer operating system. Students should bring a portable zip drive to class. Note: No class on March 17 and March 31.

CSPD 314: InDesign II $645.00

Course Description

This advanced course will take you to the next level with InDesign. Go beyond layout capabilities into a world of the skills needed to create e-books, PDF files as well as interactive files suitable for the iPhone, iPad and other mobile platforms. Topics also include: master pages, style sheets and digital image management—all essential for advanced print and digital design as well as automation. (Prerequisite: basic InDesign experience or In Design I) Students should bring a portable zip drive to class. Students should bring a portable zip drive to class.Note: No class March 14

CSPD 316: Illustrator II $645.00

Course Description

This advanced Illustrator course will build upon your current skill set. Projects will include branding, logo devel opment, custom typography design and 3D illustration. Techniques for improving your knowledge in advanced masking, custom graphic styles, brushes, symbols and patterns, advanced color and blending techniques are just a few of the skills that will be explored. (Prerequisite: basic Illustrator experience or Illustrator I) Students should bring a portable zip drive to class. Students should bring a portable zip drive to class. Note: No class March 15

CSPD 322: Photoshop II $645.00

Course Description

Take your Photoshop skills to the next level and learn more about layers and masks, blending modes, Smart Objects and Smart Filters, and other features that will improve your images. Non-destructive retouching and color correction, animation, image optimization for web and email, and other techniques will be covered. Prerequisite: Photoshop I or equivalent experience. Students should bring a portable zip drive to class. Note: No class on March 13

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