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Artists' Guide to the Internet


Architecture Through the Ages
Comprehensive guide from the great Maya to the building of the cathedrals

Art and Architecture Online Thesaurus - Thesaurus
Conduct Getty Museum research in art and architecture

Great Buildings Collection
Documents hundreds of buildings and leading architects with 3D models and many valuable resources

Internet Public Library, Architecture
Annotated recommended architectural resources that include journals, associations and more, architecture on the web
With CAD drawings, models, competitions, biographies and more

One of the largest databases of international architecture, architects, buildings, and projects

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ARTINFO - Journals Online
LTB Media's guide to art galleries, shows and more

Americans for the Arts - Opportunities and Support
Useful information from "the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America"

Art Deadlines - Opportunities and Support
Monthly newsletter with announcements of artist fundraising opportunities

Art History Network - History
Links to art galleries, art schools and more

Art History Research Centre - History
Geared for art historians to find online resources

Art History Resources on the Web - History
Extensive topical guide to online art and art history links

Art in Context - History
Database of international artists from the 13th-21st centuries and where to find their work

Art21 - Education
A PBS television series on 21st century artists; site includes archives episodes, films, articles, and teaching materials.

ArtSource - History
Compendium of Art and Architecture resources

Artcyclopedia: the fine art search engine - History
A guide to great art on the web

Artlex Art Dictionary - Dictionaries
Defines more than 3,600 art terms with images, translations, quotations and cross-references

Artnet - History
Galleries, artists, auctions, market trends, and more

Arts Journal - Journals Online
A weekday digest of some of the best arts and cultural journalism

ArtsEdge (The Kennedy Center) - Education
Shares standards-based, arts-based lessons for all grades and subjects, and more

Barefoot Artists - Public
Shares the work of artists led by Lily Yeh, who work with poor communities around the world to bring about healing, self-empowerment and social change

Christopher Witcombe's Website and Indexes - History
Surveys art history

Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture (Univ of Wisconsin-Madison) - Decorative
University of Wisconsin's digital library of decorative arts and material culture

The Free Words Project - Public
The artist has been accumulating this list of words for the past ten years and is now making it available to anyone for any use whatsoever

Free-access, digitised art, architecture, design and craft journals on the Internet - Journals Online
This is designinform's Research Guide No.2. It provides links to journals have been digitised and are available free to access on the Internet. Click on the title to search. The dates given are for the period covered by the digitisation. The focus is on journals that have originally been published in print format. A later edition of the guide will include archived files of e-journals.

Gateway to 21st Century Skills (GEM) - Education
Access to thousands of educational resources, including lesson plans

The Getty Union List of Artist Names - Biography
Biographical and bibliographical information on artists and architects through the ages. Useful to verify artists' names

Grant - Opportunities and Support
Free resources for grant writers of all levels

Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance - Opportunities and Support
Shares networking, job opportunities and more

INFOMINE - Visual and Performing Arts - Visual, Performing
Large annotated list of Internet resources on the visual and performing arts

Internet Sources of Biographical Information - History
This is designinform's Research Guides No.1. It provides links to thousands of free access websites containing biographical information on designers, architects, craftspeople, painters and sculptors.

Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation : World Art Treasures - History
Features 100,000 slides belonging to the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation; with essays in print and audio format

Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development (MICA) - Opportunities and Support
MICA's vocational guidance center

Link - Journals Online
Critical journal on the arts in Baltimore and the world

Medici Archive Project - History
Archival sources database including letters and other documents relating to the Medici

Mother (of all art history links - History
Packed with resourceful research information from the University of Michigan Art Museum

Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide - History
Latest issue of a "journal of nineteenth--century visual culture"

Peregrinations - History
Official publication of the International Society for the Study of Pilgrimage Art

Perseus Project on Greek Art - History
Digital library of classics from Tufts University

PlasmaLink - Education
A glossary of over 800 instructional strategies - Digital
The New Media Art Resource

The Textiles Collection - Textiles
From the database of digital textiles images collection of University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham (UK)

Timeline of Art History (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) - History
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's excellent time line of art

Universal Leonardo - History
Educational, interactive companion to (now closed) European Leonardo da Vinci exhibits. Still informative

The Village of Arts and Humanities - Public
Lily Yeh's community peace garden project, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Walker Art Center / New Media Initiatives / Gallery 9 - Digital
An online exhibition space for cyber and digital art

WebExhibits: Causes of Color - Color Theory
Interactive exploration of color using innovative interface designs

Whitney ARTPORT - Digital
The Whitney Museum of American Art Portal to Net Art

World Wide Arts Resources - History
Contemporary arts directory including history, artists, galleries, performance, and arts education

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Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century - History
Variety of maps charting socio-economic trends and more

Library of Congress Map Collection - History
Historical maps categorized from the Library of Congress

Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon - Moon
Global photographic coverage of the Moon

Map Collections: 1500 -2004 (Library of Congress)
Library of Congress places in the news

Mapping History Project: The Darkwing Atlas Project
Interactive European, Latin American and American historical maps

Interactive layered US maps with a zoom function'sMap Machine
The Map Machine Atlas offers maps, flags, facts, and profiles for the countries of the world and the U.S.

OSSHE Historical Cultural Atlas Resource: Europe Map Archive - Europe
A historical and cultural atlas resources of Europe

Places in the News
Library of Congress's Geography and Map Division collection of up-to-date maps that locate areas relating to situations covered by news organizations

World Atlas of Maps Flags and Geography Facts - World
Flags, maps and more

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Bibliographic Citations

2009 APA Style Essentials Vanguard University of Southern California - APA
Easy to use summary of 6th ed. APA guidelines

APA 'sCorrections to the First Printing - APA
Detailed PDF summary of all the corrected errors that were published in APA's 6th edition (July 2009)

American Psychological Association’s Learning APA Style (6th ed.): the basics of APA Style Tutorial - APA
Tutorials for beginners and advanced students in this comprehensive guide on APA's website

Assembling a List of Works Cited in Your Paper - Style Guide
Duke University Libraries' guide to documenting sources listed by type using 5 different style sheets

BibMe - Online Citation Makers
Free bibliography maker

Chicago Manual of Style online Quick Guide edition: (15th ed.): - Chicago/Turabian
Simple examples of how to use this humanities/social science style sheet

Citation Guide - Style Guide
Scottsdale Community College's guides for the MLS, APA, and Chicago Styles with features on how to cite web and database sources

Citation Machine - Online Citation Makers
Landmark Project's to encourage students to credit their sources

Easy Bib - Online Citation Makers
Commercial (free) bibliographic tool formatting in MLA, APA and Chicago

Internet Public Library Citing Electronic Information - Style Guide
Internet Public Library's guide to citing electronic information

KnightCite v.3.1 - Online Citation Makers
The Hekman Library of Calvin College's uses fill in the boxes to create citations

Library of Congress - Citing Primary Sources MLA - Primary Sources
How to cite primary sources using the 6th edition of MLA

OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab - MLA
2009 formatting and style guide for MLA liberal arts/humanities

OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab - APA
Detailed guidelines with links on using APA formatting and style sheets

Tallahassee Community College: Turabian, 2009-2010 - Chicago/Turabian
18 page guide for students (PDF)

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Biographical Dictionary - Dictionaries
Biographical dictionary

Information Please Almanac: Biography
Online version of popular almanac

New York Times: Obituaries
Online version of the New York Times obituaries

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Book Arts

The Book Arts Web
Book arts resources, listserv and more

Booklyn Artists Alliance
Brooklyn-based artist's alliance for book arts

The British Library's Manuscript Collections - Manuscripts
Audible and written notes accompany digital looks at rare books

The Center for Book Arts
All about their organization which gives classes, shares resources and more

College Book Art Association - Organization
The College Book Art Association supports and promotes academic book arts education by fostering the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship, and criticism.

A Directory of Artist Book Collections
Access to collections in the U.S. and Canada - includes links to many visual catalogs. From Carnegie Mellon University's Art and Drama Librarian.

Duke Papyrus Archive - Manuscripts
Browse texts about and images of nearly ancient Egyptian 1400 papyri at the Duke University Archive

Granary Books
NYC publisher and seller of artists' books

The Hill Museum and Manuscript Library - Manuscripts
Home of the world's largest collection of manuscript images

Katapi Bible Resources Pages - Manuscripts
Illustrations of manuscripts from a variety of religious folios in several formats including codex, papyrus, and clay tablets

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts - Manuscripts
Koninklijke Bibliotheek --National Library of the Netherlands-- and the Museum Meermanno-Westreenianum's collection of over 500 illuminated manuscripts

Printed Matter
NYC artists' books store

Pyramid Atlantic
A center for print, paper, and book arts

University of Oxford's Early Manuscripts - Manuscripts
High resolution digital facsimiles of over 80 early manuscripts from their collection

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The Bad Fads Museum - Popular
Features bad fads, clothing and collectibles from the past 100 years

CIA - The World Factbook - World
Compendium of global facts The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal - United States Government
US government links arranged by topic

Harper's Index - World
Statistical snapshot of the world's economic, political, and cultural climatef from the Harpers Index

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
One-stop resource for comprehensive research and analysis on global terrorist incidents, terrorism-related court cases, terrorist groups and leaders

People with a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History - Gay/Lesbian
Up-to-date history of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgendered people

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
Over 6,000 dictionary type entries about American culture

U.S. Census Bureau: Fact Finder - Census
Population, economics, housing, geographic information

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Contemporary Fashion Archive
International contemporary fashion design archive

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Online tour exhibitions of outstanding costume design and designers in film and television

Hollywood 2005: The art of motion picture costume design
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Galleries

Infomat: Fashion Industry Information Services and Search Engine since 1996
Showcases international designers, showrooms, retailers, manufactureres and suppliers

The Sartorialist
Street fashion blog by photographer Scott Schuman

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General Reference - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Much More
Access to "millions of topics from the world's leading publishers"

Clear Instructions on How To Do (just about) Everything
How to do just about everything

Columbia Encyclopedia
Over 50,000 entries on a vast range of topics

Encyclopedia Smithsonian - Encyclopedias
The Smithsonian posted answers to public inquiries on a wide range of topics

Information Please Almanac - Encyclopedias
Online version of the popular almanac browsable by topic or by search

Internet Public Library Reference
Useful links to a variety of different dictionaries

Librarians' Index to the Internet - Internet
Topical links to reliable websites in the arts, media, science and more from Internet Public Library

Smart tools smart research interactive tools to aid students and professionals with online research

OneLook Dictionaries - Dictionaries
Search hundreds of different dictionaries simultaneously
Provides links to quality informaion resources

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Cartoon Research Library
Ohio State University's cartoon library database and access to San Francisco Academy of Comic Art's newspaper comic strip archives

Shoujo Manga (Shojo Mange) - Comics
Shoujo Manga (Shojo Mange)--Japanese Girls' and women's comics - Symbols
Over 2,500 Western signs divided by groups by graphic representations

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AI+AP - Portfolios
Portfolios of the illustrators featured in the American Illustration and American Photography annuals.

AIGA: American Institute of Graphic Arts - Organization
Information and resources for graphic design professionals.

The Art Director's Club - Organization, Portfolios
Features member portfolios, information on events, and the work of annual award winners.

Brandywine River Museum - Museum/Gallery
American illustration is a major component of this museum's collection. - Portfolios
A virtual comics "convention" where the webpages are the "booths" for various comics publishers.

Cabinet of Illustration: Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress - History
A collection of four thousand original drawings by American book, magazine, and newspaper illustrators, made primarily between 1880 and 1910.

The Comics Journal - Journal
Articles and other features from The Comics Journal.

Delaware Art Museum - Museum/Gallery
Howard Pyle and American Illustration is a featured collection of this museum.

Graphic Artists Guild - Organization
The website of a national union of illustrators, designers, web creators, production artists, and surface designers.

ICON: The Illustration Conference - Organization
A "professional organization established in 1998 to promote the use of Illustration in all media, provide a platform for Illustrators and image-makers to address issues, form a tight knit community, and develop new approaches to this historically significant profession."

Illustration House - Museum/Gallery
The website of Illustration House, a gallery in New York featuring exhibitions that showcase successful American Illustrators of the past.

Illustrators - History
A section of the Traditional Fine Arts Organization's Resource Library Magazine devoted to Illustrators. Many artists and topical articles.

Illustrators' Partnership of America - Organization
The website of a professional organization of illustrators.

MoCCA: Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - Museum/Gallery
Information on exhibits at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York.

The National Museum of American Illustration - Museum/Gallery
Information on events and exhibitions at the National Museum of Illustration in Newport Rhode Island.

Norman Rockwell Museum - Museum/Gallery
Information on exhibits and events at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge Massachusetts.

Rockwell Kent Gallery and Collection - Museum/Gallery
At the Plattsburgh State Art Museum, SUNY, a permanent exhibition of Kent's paintings, prints, drawings, design, books, archives, etc., plus changing exhibitions.

SPD: The Society of Publication Designers - Organization
A forum for publication design professionals.

Society of Illustrators - Organization
Information on exhibits at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators and related publication.

Wyeth Center at the Farnsworth Museum - Museum/Gallery
...dedicated to collecting, research, exhibitions and interpretive programs related to three generations of Wyeths in Maine: N.C., Andrew, and James Wyeth. The Source For Creative Talent & Information - Directory
A directory of photographers and illustrators with related news and classified ads. the illustration resource - Portfolios
Sample portfolios and links to the websites of freelance illustrators and animators.

the - Portfolios
A commercial site that illustrators use to showcase and sell their work.

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Ad Access Historical Advertising Art - Advertising
Database of North American in-print advertisements between 1911 and 1955

Creative Commons - Photography
Photography search results for free use sites

Flickr: The Library of Congress' Photostream
Subject arrangement of images from the LC collection

Getty Images - Photography
Fee and royalty-free high quality stock images based on usage licenses

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
photographs, fine and popular Photographs, prints and drawings, posters, and architectural and engineering drawings with an emphasis on US history held in the LC collection

Life Photo Archive - Photography
Google searches millions of photographs from 1750s to present for non-commercial use only

Morgue File - Photography
Free high resolution digital stock photographs for corporate or public use

New York Public Library Digital Gallery
"Free and open access to over 700,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints, photographs and more.

PHOTOMUSE - Photography
Historical resources to study photography around the world

Read Write Web - Deep Web
Tech blog article shares "Digital Image Resources on the Deep Web"

Smithsonian Institution Library's Galaxy of Images
Thousands of for fee images representing a small portion of over 1.5 million printed books and manuscripts in their library collections

Smithsonian Institution's Search Center
"Over 6.4 million records with 536,000 images, video and sound files, electronic journals and other resources from the Smithsonian's museums, archives & libraries"

Time & Life Pictures
Pictorial historical images powered by Getty Images (fee based on usage licenses)

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ARTFL Project: ROGET'S Thesaurus Search Form
Search this thesaurus by key word or headwords

Acronyma: The Largest Database of Acronyms - Dictionaries
Look up acronyms here in several different languages

Babel Fish - Translation
Translating text, web page

A Basic Guide to ASL - American Sign Language
American Sign Language (ASL) dictionary

Cambridge Dictionaries Online -Idioms - Idioms
Cambridge University Press

IdiomSite - Idioms
Gives the meanings and origins of common idioms

The Internet Public Library: English Dictionaries - Dictionaries
Useful links to a variety of different dictionaries - Thesaurus
Links to language resources

VoyCabulary - Dictionaries
Online references of dictionaries or thesauruses with foreign language translations

Yahoo! Babel Fish - Translation - Translation
Translating text, web page

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Legal Issues

Best Practices from the American University Center for Social Media -

Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. - Copyright
Licensing experts

Copyright Crash Course - from the University of Texas - Copyright
Crash course in copyright law

Copyright Crash Course from the University of Texas at Austin - Copyright

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States - Copyright

Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford U. Libraries) - Copyright
Copyright and fair use guidelines provided by Stanford University

Copyright and Fair Use from the Stanford University Libraries - Copyright

Copyrights and Wrongs from the American Association of University Professors - Copyright

Coypright Website - Copyright
Copyright information in simple layout, includes news

A Map of Use Issues from the University of Minnesota - Copyright
Outlines questions to determine if permission is required.

Maryland State Law Library - Maryland
All you need to access about Maryland state law creative arts & music resources - Arts
Legal information for artists

Public Domain Definitions - from the University of North Carolina - Copyright
University of North Carolina's table of U.S. works passing into public domain (copyright free)

Public Domain Slider, Section 108 Spinner, and Fair Use Evaluator from the American Library Association - Copyright
Provides educational tools to help institutions explain copyright - Arts
Self-help legal information for artists.

Tales from the Public Domain: Bound By Law? - Copyright
Comic book format from Duke University Law Library explains public domain, fair use and copyright. Available under CreativeCommons license.

Ten Big Myths About Copyright Explained - Copyright
Basic intro to copyright misconceptions

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Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable - Dictionaries
Dictionary of phrase and fable

CVCO - Overbooked: Reader's Advisory
Specializes in providing timely information about fiction (all genres) and readable nonfiction

Encyclopedia Mythica - Myth & Legend
Encyclopedia of international mythology, folklore, and legends

Great Books Index
Indexes Great Books in English translation available online

Internet Public Library Literary Criticism - Criticism
Internet Public Library's links to critical and bibliographic websites

Library of Congress: Locating Criticism of Individual Poems - Poetry
Locate poetry criticism here

Literary links to online resources (Goucher College)
Biographical and bibliographical information on artists and architects

Project Gutenberg - E-Books
Free electronic books (eBooks or etexts) available on the Internet

e-poets: An Incomplete History of Slam - Poetry
Biography of an evolving poetry movement

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Art Historians' Guide to the Movies - Film
Appearances of famous artworks and architecture in movies

C/ Tech News First - Technology
Tech news

Classic Films - Film
Images, audio clips and more from the Golden Age of Hollywood

Early Visual Media - History
A historical window to early vintage visual material

Encyclopedia of Television - Television
More than 1,000 original essays examines historic broadcasts, trends and more

Greatest Films - Film
Film reference material abounds

Internet Archive: Audio Archive - Audio
Historical collection of audio files of performances of music, poetry and more

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - Film
A HUGE collection of movie information

LibriVox - Audio
Free audiobooks from the public domain

The New York Times: Movie Reviews - Film
NY Times database of movie reviews

Screen Source: The Movie & TV Information Guide - Film, Television
Movie, television guide past, present and future

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American Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore
Features an annual thematic Outsider Art exhibit as well as a permanent collection

Baltimore Museum of Art - Baltimore
Features 19th-Century, Modern and Contemporary art

Contemporary Museum - Baltimore
Baltimore's exploration of new art

Corcoran Gallery of Art - Washington, D.C.
Features American art from the 18th through 20th centuries with some European galleries as well

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Museum - Washington, D.C.
Features Asian galleries

Guggenheim Museum - New York
Llinks to Guggenheim Museums around the world

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden - Washington, D.C.
International modern and contemporary art with an outdoor sculpture garden

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) - Los Angeles
A large art museum well known for its collections of Asian art, Latin American art, and Islamic art

Maryland Historical Society - Baltimore
Homepage of Maryland's history museum and library

Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York
6000 years of art

Museum of Modern Art - New York
Browse and search the collection here

National Gallery of Art - Washington, D.C.
Tour the collection online

National Museum of African Art - Washington, D.C.
Find out what's new, listen to a podcast online

National Museum of Women in the Arts - Washington, D.C.
Only museum dedicated to recognizing women artists's contributions

National Portrait Gallery - Washington, D.C.
From traditional to pop culture portraits

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia
One of the largest museums in the United States

Phillips Collection - Washington, D.C.
Introduces museum of over 2500 European and American works of art

Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History and Culture - Baltimore
Features exhibits on African American Marylanders

Smithsonian American Art Museum - Washington, D.C.
America's first federal art collection

Textile Museum - Washington, D.C.
Historical textile museum

Walker Art Center - Minneapolis
A contemporary art museum with a focus on visual, performing, and media arts

The Walters Art Museum - Baltimore
Baltimore's "Little Met"

Whitney Museum of American Art - New York
Homepage of the museum of 20th-century American art

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Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names - Dictionaries
Dictionary of philosophical terms
Categorized links to philosophical websites

Philosophical Dictionary - Dictionaries
Dictionary of philosophical terms

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Encyclopedias
Dynamic reference work

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American Museum of Photography
Virtual museum of photographic images on a variety of topics

Center for Creative Photography
University of Arizona's research and archive center of 20th century photographers

George Eastman House
Photography, motion picture and technology collections

International Center of Photography
Website of New York's only museum/school dedicated to photography

Soulcatcher Studio
Includes a helpful Glossary of Photographic Processes

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Dr. Cite Right from Central Piedmont Community College - Videos
Playful approach for students to learn the importance of citations.

Et Plagieringseventyr from the University of Bergen - Videos
Award-winning romping parody of "A Christmas Carol" and other pop culture motifs showing cheating pitfalls and heroic merits of academic integrity. Be sure to turn on subtitles.

PLAGIARISM: a student's guide to recognizing it and avoiding it
Helpful examples with basic inforomation from C. Barnbaum of Valdosta State University

Plagiarism dot org
Resources and all you need to know to avoid plagiarism.

The Tyee's "Plagiarism for Beginners"
Professor Crawford Killian gets real with the freshmen class in this helpful post.

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Primary Sources

Archives of American Art
Smithsonian Institution's collection of "documentation that supports the study of the history of the visual arts in America"

Archives of American Art - Smithsonian Institution - Arts
Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian

In the First Person: Letters, Diaries, Oral Histories, and Personal Narratives
Index and searchable full-text

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Bibliographic accesss to US documents

Ready, 'Net, Go Archival Internet Resources
Index of archival indexes

Ready, 'Net, Go Archival Internet Resources
Links to archival resources

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American Print Alliance
A consortium of non-profit North American printmakers' councils

H. Daumier and His Lithographic Work - Catalogs
All about the 19th-century French artist Honoré Daumier

An Introduction to Printmaking
Discusses different types of printmaking

MICA's Printmaking Department Website - MICA
Maintained by MICA's Printmaking Department

Print Council of America - Organization
Website of the non-profit organization of print specialists

Information on printmaking and multiples

Search Index to Print Catalogue Raisonne - Catalogs
Citations for European, Japanese and American print artists and photographers

Washington Printmakers Gallery - Washington, D.C.
Homepage of Washington's cooperative print gallery

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Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Online version of the 1901 edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations which you can browse by author or search by keyword

Fagan Finder, Quotations and Proverbs Search
Comprehensive directory of quotations and proverbs

The Quotations Archive
Comprehensive, searchable database of general purpose quotations

Respectfully Quoted:
Dictionary of Quotations from the Congressional Research Service

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Research Aids

ArtNexus e-catalog - History
Artists index to e-catalogs

The Getty: Conducting Research
Conduct Getty Museum research in art and architecture

Library Spot - Libraries
A virtual reference desk with many useful links

Library of Congress - Using Primary Sources - Online Sources
The Library of Congress web site on how to use primary sources

Library of Congress Gateway to Library Catalogs - Libraries
One stop access to the Library of Congress as well as many other world-wide catalogs

Maryland Libraries Catalogs
Links to library catalogs in Maryland

National Geographic Index
Index to National Geographic magazines

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Anatomy of the Human Body (Gray's Anatomy) - Anatomy
1,247 detailed engravings—many in color—from the 1918 ed.of Gray's Anatomy

BBC - Science & Nature: Human Body & Mind - Anatomy
Interactive, conversational text and anatomical illustrations from the BBC [England]

Blue Web'n
Online library of 1973 outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (tools, references, lessons... tutorials and more

Earth as Art - Nature, Art
Earth's images shot from satellites indexed geographically

Exploratorium: Origins
Explores the origins of matter, the universe, earth, and even life itself

Healthfinder - your guide to reliable health information - Health
Selected topics on a variety of health topics

HubbleSite - Gallery
Hubble images in color

Human Anatomy Online - Anatomy
Colorful interactive look at the human body - Health
First-aid guide, diseases and conditions, drugs, treatment decisions and more

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Search Engines

Thousands of annotated and indexed links to important university-level research

Infopeople: Best Search Tools Chart
Handy internet search engines chart with tips on useful search strategies

Page Bull
Visual internet search engine i.e. shows images of website pages

Pandia Search Central
Assists users to conduct more effective searches

People information, summarized

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Writing Resources

The Armchair Grammarian - Grammar
Explains English grammar and punctuation rules

Common Errors in English - Usage
Find out the correct use of hundreds of words as well as lots of grammatical tips at this site

Critical Reading: A Guide - Humanities
How to analyize literature

The Elements of Style (William Strunk, Jr.) - Style
William Strunk, Jr.'s classic writing guide "Elements of Style

A Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on Modern Language Association Documentation
Guide to writing a paper based on the MLA style sheet

How to Write a Term Paper - Term Papers
Gale's guide for using electronic and print resources to write a research paper - Guides
Gives proper forms of address

Internet Public Library Style and Writing Guides - Style
Links to style and writing guides

The Learning Page-Getting Started: Cite Sources
The Library of Congress web site on how to properly cite electronic sources

Online writing resources (Goucher College)
Online writing resources from Goucher College

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