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Asian Art History

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Reference Books

Title: The Art of Central Asia: The Stein Collection in the British Museum. 3 Vols. - Collections
Author: Whitfield, Roderick
Location: N7340 .B55 Reference Folio
Beautiful photographs of the paintings and manuscripts brought by Aural Stein to Britain from Northwestern China at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Title: The Art of Indian Asia: Its Mythology and Transformations; completed and edited by Joseph Campbell. 2 Vols. (Vol. 1 Text, Vol. 2 Plates). - Indian Art
Author: Zimmer, Heinrich
Location: N7301 .Z55 A7 Reference
Photographs and extensive descriptions of Indian temples and their religious art.

Title: The Art of the Japanese Screen - Japanese Art
Author: Grilli, Elise
Location: ND1050 .G75 Reference Folio
A history of the Japanese screen from ancient to modern times that covers screen construction and design in addition to detailed analyses of screen paintings.

Title: The Arts of China to AD 900 - Chinese Art
Author: Watson, William
Location: N7343 .W38 1995 Reference

Title: The Arts of China, 900-1620 - Chinese Art
Author: Watson, William
Location: N7343 .W382 2000 Reference
Covers painting, architecture, sculpture, and decorative arts.

Title: The Arts of Japan. Vol. 1: Ancient to Medieval; Vol. 2: Late Medieval to Modern - Japanese Art
Author: Noma, Seiroku
Location: N7350 .N65 Reference Folio
Covers all aspects of Japanese art, including textiles and crafts.

Title: Asian Art in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery: The Inaugural Gift - Collections
Author: Lawton, Thomas, et al.
Location: N7262 .A78 1987 Reference
A major collection in the Smithsonian Institution.

Title: Asian Art in the Walters Art Gallery: A Selection - Collections
Author: Woodward, Hiram W., Jr.
Location: N7262 .W25 1991 Reference
A selection of Asian art in all genres with color photographs and descriptions.

Title: Ban Dainagon Ekotoba (Story of the Courtier Ban Dainagon). 3 handscrolls in one box. - Japanese Art
Location: ND1043.4 .S76 Cage
A reproduction of the 12th-century narrative picture scrolls depicting political intrigue at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.

Title: Biographical Dictionary of Japanese Art - Japanese Art
Author: Tazawa, Yutaka
Location: N358.T38 Reference
Brief biographies of artists in all genres, including tea ceremony.

Title: The Birth of Japanese Art - Japanese Art
Author: Kidder, J. Edward, Jr.
Location: N7353 .K53 B Reference
Survey of archaic sculpture, Japan's indigenous art form.

Title: Bridge of Dreams: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection of Japanese Art - Collections
Author: Murase, Miyeko
Location: N7352 .M84 2000 Reference
Survey of one of the finest collections of Japanese art in private hands.

Title: Catalogue of Art Treasures of Ten Great Temples of Nara. 30 Vols. - Japanese Art
Location: N7358 .N37 Reference
Superb photographs of the sculpture, paintings, and architectural details of this major temple complex.

Title: The Century of Tung Chi?-ch?ang, 1555-1636. 2 Vols. - Chinese Art
Author: Ho, Wai-Kam
Location: N7349 .T86 A4 1992 Reference
A study of the work of this great Chinese artist and those who were influenced by him.

Title: Ch*oj*u Giga (Scrolls of Frolicking Animals). 4 Vols. (4 handscrolls in 4 boxes). - Japanese Art
Location: ND1043.3 .S27 Cage
A reproduction, in their original form, of the painted scrolls described in the previous entry.

Title: China, 5,000 Years: Innovation and Transformation in the Arts - Chinese Art
Author: Lee, Sherman
Location: N7342 .C56 1998 Reference
Produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the National Administration for Cultural Heritage of the People's Republic of China.

Title: Chinese Art: Painting, Calligraphy, Stone Rubbing, Wood Engraving - Chinese Art
Author: Speiser, Werner, Roger Goepper, Jean Fribourg
Location: N7340 .C45 v.3 Reference

Title: Choj¯u Giga (Scrolls of Animal Caricatures). 2 vols. in 1 box. - Japanese Art
Location: NC353 .K9 Reference
A reproduction in book form of four painted scrolls, often known as Scrolls of Frolicking Animals, from the Buddhist temple Kozan-ji north of Kyoto. They date from the late 12th and early 13th centuries and are among the most famous Japanse scrolls.

Title: Edo: Art in Japan, 1615-1868 - Japanese Art
Author: Singer, Robert T., et al.
Location: N7353.5 .S565 1998 Reference
A sumptuously illustrated survey of work in all media from the period that produced the Japanese art most familiar to the West.

Title: Forms in Japan - Japanese Art
Author: Kojiro. Yuichiro
Location: NK1484 .K65 Reference
A study of the types of forms that determine Japanese design, here classified as forms of unity, forms of force, forms of adaptation, and forms of change.

Title: Gandharan Art of North India and the Graeco-Buddhist Tradition in India, Persia, and Central Asia - Indian Art
Author: Hallade, Madeleine
Location: N7307.P4 H3 Reference
The art of an area molded by India, Persia, Greece, and China and particularly known for its Greek-influenced Buddhist sculpture.

Title: A Handbook of Chinese Art - Chinese Art
Author: Medley, Margaret
Location: N7340 .M43 Reference
A glossary of common names and terms with illustrations.

Title: Heiji Monogatari Emaki (Illustrated Stories About Heiji Civil War: Scroll of Night Attack on Sanjo Palace). 1 handscroll in box. - Japanese Art
Location: ND1043.4 .S7 Cage
Reproduction of a 13th-century scroll depicting an incident in the Heiji Civil War, which began in 1159. The Heiji Monogatari, part of which this scroll illustrates, is considered a classic of war literature.

Title: Himalayan Art - Himalayan Art
Author: Singh, Madanjee
Location: N7301.S5 Reference
Survey of the art of Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan.

Title: Hiroshige: Birds and Flowers - Japanese Art
Author: Bogel, Cynthia J. and Israel Goldman
Location: NE1325 .H57 A4 1988 Reference Folio
Reproductions with commentary of some of the 5,000 nature studies that the great printmaker Hiroshige produced during the last twenty years of his life.

Title: Indian Painting, 1000-1700 - Indian Art
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: ND1001 .P33 1993 Vol. 1 Reference
Paintings in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, perhaps the best collection outside of India.

Title: Japanese Temples: Sculpture, Paintings, Gardens, and Architecture - Japanese Art
Author: Kidder, J. Edward, Jr.
Location: N7350 .K53 Reference Folio
Excellent photographs and commentary on a wide array of Japanese Buddhist temples.

Title: Landscapes of the Four Seasons (Long Scroll of the Four Seasons). 1 handscroll in box. - Japanese Art
Author: Sessh¯u
Location: ND1043.4 .S27 Cage
Reproduction of the scroll painted in 1486 by the famous painter Sessh¯u. It illustrates the changing seasons of the year and the varied activities of all levels of society.

Title: Legend in Japanese Art - Japanese Art
Author: Joly, Henri L.
Location: N7350 .J65 Reference
Describes themes and symbols frequently represented in Japanese art, including historical episodes, legendary characters, folklore, and religious iconography.

Title: Museum of Fine Arts Boston: Oriental Art - Collections
Author: Fontein, Jan and Pratapaditya Pal
Location: N7336.B67 Reference Folio
Photographs and brief discussions of items in what has been described as "the finest collection of Oriental art under one roof in the world."

Title: Nihon Emakimono Zensh¯u (Japanese Scroll Paintings). 24 Vols. - Japanese Art
Location: ND1052 .J3 Cage Folio
Reproductions in book form of famous scroll paintings depicting classic Japanese tales.

Title: Seizans ¯o seish¯o. 8 vols. - Collections
Author: Nezu Bijutsukan
Location: N3750.N4 Folio Cage
Exceptional reproductions of Asian art from the collection of Japanese industrialist Kaichiro Nezu, published 1940-43. Nezu's collection now forms the core of the Nezu Institute of Fine Arts in Tokyo.

Title: Shigisan Engi (History of Shigasen Temple). 3 handscrolls in 3 boxes. - Japanese Art
Location: ND1043.4 .S27 Cage
Probably painted between 1100 and 1150, each of these scrolls depicts an incident in the life of the Buddhist priest Myoren, founder of Ch¯ogosonshi-ji, also known as Shigisan Temple.

Title: Symbols of Japan: Thematic Motifs in Art and Design - Japanese Art
Author: Baird, Merrily
Location: N7350 .B233 2001 Reference
A study of the motifs common in Japanese art and their symbolic meanings.

Title: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting - Chinese Art
Author: Barnhart, Richard M.
Location: ND1040 .Y48 1997 Reference
The most comprehensive survey of Chinese painting, incorporating many resources previously unavailable to Western scholars.

Title: Tibetan Painted Scroll. 3 Vols. - Himalayan Art
Author: Tucci, Giuseppe
Location: ND1046 .T5T7 Reference Folio
Vol. 1 contains lengthy discussions of the history and symbolism of Tibetan religious paintings (thankas), while Vol. 2 analyzes the 172 thankas reproduced in Vol. 3.

Title: Ukiyo-e Prints: Masterpieces of the Japanese Woodblock Print - Japanese Art
Author: Kikuchi, Sadao
Location: NE1310 .K55U Reference Folio
Discusses the styles and subjects of ukiyo-e prints from the 17th through the 19th centuries with many reproductions.

Title: Utamaro: A Chorus of Birds - Japanese Art
Location: NE1325 .K5 A4 1981 Cage
A beautiful facsimile of one of Utamaro's three nature albums.

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Circulating Books

Title: 12 Japanese Masters - Japanese Art
Author: Saiki, Maggie Kinser
Location: NK1484 .S35 2002 Stacks
An in-depth study of the post-war Japanese designers credited with creating the modern Japanese aesthetic.

Title: Ancient Sichuan: Treasures from a Lost Civilization - Chinese Art
Author: Bagley, Robert
Location: DS793 .S8 A528 2001 Quarto
Finds from the Sichuan city of Sanxingdui, a Bronze Age site discovered in 1986.

Title: Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China - Chinese Art
Author: Sullivan, Michael
Location: N7345 .S79 1996 Quarto
Documents the range of artistic styles in modern China and the conflict between traditional and contemporary values.

Title: Art from Thailand - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Brown, Robert L.
Location: N7321 .A65 1999 Quarto
Essays on particular aspects of Thai art, including sculpture, architecture, coins, ceramics, and the influence of Indian art.

Title: Art of Nepal - Himalayan Art
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: N7310.8 .N4L6 Quarto
A catalogue raisonne of the Nepalese collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with extensive commentary.

Title: Art of Southeast Asia - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Girard-Geslan, Maud, et al.
Location: N7311 .A7613 1998 Quarto
A comprehensive survey of Southeast Asian art with excellent color photographs.

Title: Art of Tibet - Himalayan Art
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: N7346 .T5 L6 1990 Quarto
A catalogue raisonne of the Tibetan collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with commentary by the leading authority on art of the Himalayas.

Title: The Art of Zen - Japanese Art
Author: Addiss, Stephen
Publication: New York: H.N. Abrams, 1989
Location: ND2071 .A328 1989 Quarto
A study of Zenga, paintings and calligraphies that transmit insight beyond words.

Title: Art of the Himalayas: Treasures from Nepal and Tibet - Himalayan Art
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: N7310.8 .N4P33 1991
Catalogue of an exhibition of works from a private collection, this book's dual focus makes it possible to appreciate the similarities and differences between the art of two Himalayan countries.

Title: The Arts of China, 4th ed. - Chinese Art
Author: Sullivan, Michael
Location: N7340 .S8 1999 Stacks
The most recent edition of a standard survey of Chinese art.

Title: Arts of Korea - Korean Art
Author: Chung, Yang-mo
Location: N7362 .A78 1998 Quarto
Examines the most significant developments in Korean art from the Neolithic period to the nineteenth century with numerous color plates and extensive commentary.

Title: The Arts of Thailand - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Van Beek, Steve and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
Location: N7321 .V36 1999
An introduction to all aspects of Thai art with diagrams of important temples and beautiful color photographs.

Title: Beyond the Java Sea: The Art of Indonesia's Outer Islands - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Taylor, Paul Michael and Lorraine V. Aragon
Examines the art and culture of Sumatra, Sulaweisi, and other outer islands that are home to more than 300 ethnic groups.

Title: Cha-In / The Sound of Tea: The Sounds of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and Their Relation to Traditional Japanese Music - Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu)
Author: Elkinton, Jane
Location: GT2916.E44 1995 Stacks
This dissertation examines Japanese music and the sounds of the tea ceremony (pouring water, tapping bamboo, boiling kettle) and proposes a Japanese sound aesthetic that values complexity and simplicity, transience, softness , slow tempos, and setting as

Title: Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremmony - Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu)
Author: Sadler, A. L.
Location: GT2910 .S3 2001 Stacks
Originally published in 1962, this detailed survey covers not only all aspects of the tea ceremony but also the contributions of many tea masters over the centuries.

Title: Chikubushima: Deploying the Sacred Arts in Momoyama Japan - Japanese Art
Author: Watsky, Andrew M.
Location: N7356 .C48 W38 2004 Stacks
A detailed study of the art of Chikubushima, a sacred island north of Kyoto, that was popular with Japan's rulers during the Momoyama period and became a repository of lavish decorative arts.

Title: Chinese Art and Culture - Chinese Art
Author: Thorp, Robert L. and Richard Ellis Vinograd
Location: NX583 .A1 T49 2000 Stacks
A survey of prehistoric to modern Chinese art that emphasizes the interconnection of art, literature, and music in Chinese aesthetics.

Title: Chinese Art: Modern Expressions - Chinese Art
Author: Hearn, Maxwell K. and Judith G. Smith
Location: N7342 .C59 2002 Stacks
Proceedings of a symposium on the influence of the West on 19th- and 20th-century Chinese art.

Title: The Civilizations of Angkor - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Giteau, Madeleine
Location: N7315.2 .A5G5 Quarto
Extensive analysis of the art of Angkor, focusing on the many miles of carved reliefs and Sanskrit inscriptions that provide information about the lives of the Khmer people.

Title: The Colors of Japan - Japanese Art
Author: Hibi, Sadao
Location: NX650 .C676H53 2000 Stacks
Describes the meaning and uses of color in Japanese culture, including the relationship between color and nature and the hierarchy of colors in medieval Japan.

Title: Contemporary Art in Asia: Traditions/Tensions - General Studies
Author: Poshyananda, Apinam
Location: N7262 .C667 1996 Quarto
Catalogue of a traveling exhibit organized by the Asia Society Galleries; examines contemporary art in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand.

Title: Court Arts of Indonesia - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Jessup, Helen Ibbitson
Location: N7326 .J48 1990 Quarto
Focuses on the art of the numerous royal courts that once governed Indonesia's many islands.

Title: Crosscurrents: Masterpieces of East Asian Art from New York Private Collections - General Studies
Author: Poster, Amy G.
Location: N7336 .C76 1999 Quarto
Covers Japanese, Chinese, and Korean painting, calligraphy, sculpture, ceramics, and lacquerware and includes an essay on the history of collecting Japanese art in America.

Title: Devi, the Great Goddess: Female Divinity in South Asian Art - Indian Art
Author: Dehejia, Vidya
Location: N8195 .A3 W384 1999 Quarto
Explores all facets of Devi worship and the related art and architecture.

Title: Emaki: Narrative Scrolls From Japan - Japanese Art
Author: Murase, Miyeko
Location: ND1052 .M87 Stacks
This catalogue of an exhibition at the Asia Society vividly describes 34 important emaki (narrative scroll paintings).

Title: Fiber Art Japan - Japanese Art
Location: N7433.9 .F35 1994 Quarto
Presents work by 84 Japanese fiber artists, some of whom use traditional motifs.

Title: The Floating World of Ukiyo-e: Shadows, Dreams, and Substance - Japanese Art
Author: Kita, Sandy, et al.
Location: N7353.6 .U35 F58 2001 Quarto
The first published study of Japanese prints, drawings, and books in the Library of Congress. 17th-century Edo period prints, 19th-century prints, examples of Japonisme by Western artists, and works of modern Japanese printmakers are featured.

Title: From the Ocean of Painting: India's Popular Paintings, 1589 to the Present - Indian Art
Author: Rossi, Barbara
Location: NK1476 .A1 R67 1998 Stacks
The colorful folk paintings of India that serve ritual, religious, and narrative functions.

Title: Gandharan Art in Pakistan - Indian Art
Author: Lyons, Islay and Harald Ingholt
Location: N7303 .P4 L9 Quarto
Authoritative study of the Greek-influenced Buddhist sculpture of this area.

Title: Hinduism and the Religious Arts - Indian Art
Author: Elgood, Heather
Location: N7301 .E38 1999 Stacks
Few illustrations but a good description of the elements of Hinduism reflected in Indian art.

Title: A History of Far Eastern Art, 5th ed. - General Studies
Author: Lee, Sherman E.
Location: N7337 .L44 1994 Quarto
A standard one-volume study of the art of Asia.

Title: Hokusai - Japanese Art
Author: Calza, Gian Carlo
Location: N7359 .K37 A4 2003 Quarto
A comprehensive overview of the artist's life and work with more than 700 illustrations.

Title: The Inner Harmony of the Japanese House - Japanese Art
Author: Ueda, Atsushi
Location: NA7451 .U3313 1990 Stacks
A detailed study of the many elements of a Japanese house (pillars, windows, floors, alcoves, etc.) and the ways in which they are combined to produce a harmonious whole.

Title: The Jade Studio: Masterpieces of Ming and Quing Painting and Calligraphy from the Wong Nan-ping Collection - Chinese Art
Author: Barnhart, Richard M., et al
Location: ND1043.5 .J32 1994 Quarto
Four hundred years of Chinese painting and calligraphy documented by scholarly essays and extensive descriptions of individual works.

Title: Japan Design: The Four Seasons in Design - Japanese Art
Location: NK1484 .T36 Quarto
Excellent photographs of all types of Japanese design, from the traditional to the very modern.

Title: Japan: The Art of Living - Japanese Art
Author: Katoh, Amy Sylvester
Location: NA7451 .K37 1990 Quarto
Tokyo area homes that combine western and Japanese elements.

Title: Japanese Cabinetry: The Art and Craft of Tansu - Japanese Art
Author: Jackson, David and Dane Owen
Location: NK2725 .J33 2002 Quarto
A study of the wood and iron chests that have traditionally been an indispensable part of Japanese daily life.

Title: Japanese Toys: Playing with History - Japanese Art
Author: Sonobe, Kiyoshi and Kazuya Sakamoto
Location: NK9509 .S35 Stacks
Discusses traditional toys from each region of Japan.

Title: The Japanese Way of Tea: From Its Origins in China to Sen Rikyu - Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu)
Author: Sen, Soshitsu
Location: TX415 .S4613 1998
A history of the origin and development of the tea ceremony before 1600.

Title: Kazari: Decoration and Display in Japan, 15th - 19th Centuries - Japanese Art
Author: Rousmaniere, Nicole Coolidge
Location: N7353 .K393 2002 Quarto
Kanzen refers both to decorative objects and to the way in which they are displayed. This book investigates the ways paintings, ceramics, textiles, and other art forms were exhibited to foster an interaction between the viewer and the object.

Title: The Kimono Inspiration: Art and Art-to-Wear in America - Japanese Art
Author: The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C.
Location: NK4860.5 .U6 K56 1996 Quarto
Explores the influence of the Japanese kimono on American artists while providing information about the history of kimono.

Title: Kimono: Fashioning Culture - Japanese Art
Author: Dalby, Liza Crihfield
Location: GT1560 .D35 1993
A comprehensive and engagingly written study of kimono and its interdependent relationship with Japanese culture.

Title: Korea: Art and Archeology - Korean Art
Author: Portal, Jane
Location: N7360 .P67 2000 Stacks
An authoritative text covering all types of Korean art, including folk art.

Title: Korean Art Treasures - Korean Art
Author: Kim, Won-yong, et al.
Location: N7360 .W65 Quarto
All forms of Korean art through the eighteenth century.

Title: Korean Art and Design - Korean Art
Author: McKillop, Beth
Location: N7362 .M35 1992 Quarto
An introduction to Korean ceramics, metalwork, textiles, furniture, and painting based on objects in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Title: Korean Arts of the Eighteenth Century: Splendor and Simplicity - Korean Art
Author: Kim, Hongnam
Location: N7363.8 .K56 1993 Quarto
The first study of a single era of Korean art in English, this exhibition catalogue focuses on a period when peace and prosperity caused Korean arts to flourish.

Title: Light of Asia: The Buddha Sakyamuni in Asian Art - General Studies
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: N8193 .A3P34 Quarto
A study of images of the Buddha throughout Asia.

Title: Lives of Indian Images - Indian Art
Author: Davis, Richard H.
Location: NB1912 .H55 D38 1997 Stacks
Discusses the ways in which Indian religious art, through constant interaction with humans, takes on a "life" of its own.

Title: The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Asia - General Studies
Author: Barnhart, Richard
Location: N7262 .M47 1989 Quarto
Presents a wide range of Asian art from the Metropolitan's collection.

Title: Modern Art in Thailand: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Poshyananda, Apinan
Location: N7321 .P64 Stacks
Shows how foreign influences and indigenous traditions combined to produce eclectic new styles.

Title: Modern Boy, Modern Girl: Modernity in Japanese Art 1910-1935 - Japanese Art
Author: Menzies, Jackie
Location: N7355 .M632 1998 Quarto
Shows how pre-war Japanese artists incorporated a variety of Western influences into advertising, photography, and other art forms.

Title: Momoyama Decorative Painting - Japanese Art
Author: Doi, Tsugiyoshi
Location: ND1053.4 .D64 M6
Covers art of the Momoyama period (1573-1614) in which the decorative arts, especially screen and partition painting, flourished.

Title: Monks and Merchants: Silk Road Treasures form Northwest China - Chinese Art
Author: Juliano, Annette and Judith A. Lerner
Location: DS793 .N6 J85 2001 Quarto
Presents many recently-excavated works of art from this important intersection of trade, culture, and religion.

Title: Mudra: A Study of Symbolic Gestures in Japanese Buddhist Art - Japanese Art
Author: Saunders, E. Dale
Location: NB1050 .S3 Stacks
Describes the meaning of hand gestures and other iconography found in Japanese Buddhist art.

Title: Mystic Art of Tibet - Himalayan Art
Author: Olschak, Blanche Christine with Geshe Thupten Wangyal
Location: N8193 .T6057 Quarto
Discuses the development of Buddhism in Tibet and analyses the religious elements in Tibetan art.

Title: Narrative Picture Scrolls - Japanese Art
Author: Okudaura, Hideo, tr. and ed. Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis
Location: ND1053 .O57 Stacks
Discusses Japanese narrative scrolls (emaki) in terms of their development, their artistic qualities, and their value as a reflection of the historical period in thich they were painted.

Title: Painting for the Mughal Emperor: The Art of the Book, 1560-1660 - Indian Art
Author: Stronge, Susan
Location: ND3247 .S87 2002 Quarto
A survey of the exquisite miniature paintings commissioned as book illustrations by India's three Muslim emperors.

Title: The Peaceful Liberators: Jain Art from India - Indian Art
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: N8199 .J36 I 46 1994 Quarto
The catalogue of the first traveling exhibition of the art of this ancient Indian religion that believes liberation can only be attained by rigorous ascetic practices.

Title: Principles of Chinese Painting - Chinese Art
Author: Rowley, George
Location: ND1040 .R68 Quarto
A classic study of the aesthetic theories underlying Chinese painting.

Title: The Return of the Buddha: The Quingzhou Discoveries - Chinese Art
Author: Nickel, Lukas, ed.
Location: NB1043 .R 8 2002 Quarto
The catalogue of an exhibition of more than 100 12th-century Buddhist sculptures discovered 1996, which give new information about Buddhism in China and about Chinese sculpture.

Title: The Romance of the Taj Mahal - Indian Art
Author: Pal, Pratapaditya
Location: NA6008 .A33 R66 1989 Quarto
The story of India's most famous building, with many illustrations of the architecture and decorations, as well as representations by many artists.

Title: The Sari: Styles, Patterns, History, Techniques - Indian Art
Author: Lynton, Linda
Publication: New York: H.N. Abrams, 1995.
Location: GT1460 .L95 1995 Quarto
A comprehensive survey of Indian women's traditional garment that discusses fabrics, different styles of wrapping, and geographical variations in design.

Title: Selected Treasures of National Museums of Korea - Korean Art
Author: National Museum of Korea
Location: N7362 .K8613 1989 Stacks
Korean art of all periods with especially fine examples of celadon porcelain.

Title: The Sensuous and the Sacred: Chola Bronzes from South India - Indian Art
Author: Dehejia, Vidya
Location: NB1007 .S67 D44 2002 Quarto
Beautiful religious bronze sculptures produced from the 9th through the 12th centuries, during the Chola dynasty, when all the arts flourished in South India.

Title: Singapore Artists Speak - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Lim, Richard, ed.
Location: N7330 .S64 L629 Quarto
Sixty contemporary painters and sculptors from Singapore describe their artistic philosophy. A photograph of the artist and one or more examples of his or her work accompanies each brief essay.

Title: Southeast Asian Art Today - Southeast Asian Art
Author: Fenema, Joyce van
Location: N7326 .T39 1991 Quarto
Explores current trends in the art of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Title: Street Graphics India - Indian Art
Author: Dawson, Barry
Location: NC998.6 .I5 D38 1999 Stacks
Many photographs of India's unique popular street art that includes advertising, political posters, and sculpture.

Title: Tantra Art: Its Philosophy and Physics - Indian Art
Author: Mookerjee, Ajit
Location: N8190 .T3M6 Cage
Discussion of the principles of tantric art with color plates.

Title: Taoism and the Arts of China - Chinese Art
Author: Little, Stephen
Location: N8199 .T3 L58 2000 Quarto
Produced to accompany the first major exhibition on Taoism, this exhaustive work covers the influence of the Taoist philosophy on all aspects of Chinese art.

Title: The Tea Ceremony - Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu)
Author: Tanaka, Sendo and Sendo Tanaka
Location: GT2910 .T2978 1998 Stacks
An authoritative description of the history and practice of the tea ceremony with over 330 illustrations, including a photographic sequence showing each step in preparing and consuming tea.

Title: Tea in Japan: Essays on the History of Chanoyu - Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chanoyu)
Author: Varley, Paul and Isao Kumakura, eds.
Location: GT2905 .T43 1989
A collection of papers on the history of the tea ceremony presented at a conference at the University of Hawaii.

Title: Theories of the Arts in China - Chinese Art
Author: Bush, Susan and Christian Murck
Location: NX583 .T4 Stacks
Essays examining aesthetic theory in Chinese art, literature, and music.

Title: Tibetan Art - Himalayan Art
Author: Heller, Amy
Location: N7346 .T5 H45 1999 Quarto
Explores the interrelationship of art and spiritual life in Tibet.

Title: A Treasury of Japanese Wood Block Prints - Japanese Art
Author: Kikuchi, Sadao
Location: NE1310 .K54 1969 Quarto
A comprehensive survey of Ukioy-e with 100 color plates and 1,500 in black and white.

Title: Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence - Japanese Art
Author: Juniper, Andrew
Location: N7350 .J77 2003
An exploration of a Japanese aesthetic concept rooted in Zen and based on an appreciation of impermanence, asymmetry, and imperfection.

Title: Wisdom and Compassion: The Sacred Art of Tibet, Expanded Edition - Himalayan Art
Author: Rhie, Marilyn and Robert A. F. Thurman
Location: N8193 .T6 R47 1996 Quarto
In-depth analyses of objects from 1000 years of Tibetan art showing how the sacred and the secular are inseparable in Tibetan culture.

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Title: Art and Asia Pacific
Library owns: #36 (Fall 2002) - current

Title: Artibus Asiae
Library owns: Vol. I (1925) - current with a few missing issues
Indexed in: Art Full Text, Art Index Retrospective

Title: Asian Art
Library owns: Vol. II, 3 (Summer 1989) - IV, 4 (Fall 1991)

Title: Chanoyu Quarterly: Tea and the Arts of Japan
Library owns: #25 - 81 (1980 - 1997)

Title: Oriental Art
Library owns: Vol. XII (1966) - current
Indexed in: Art Full Text, Art Index Retrospective

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Internet Resources

Title: Art History Resources on the Web: Part 16, Asian Art
A very comprehensive web site on all aspects of Asian art. Has links to the Asian collections of most prominent museums and to nformation on the art of virtually all Asian countries.

An online journal offering articles and information about exhibitions, galleries, associations. and a calendar of events. The Links section provides 718 links to Asian art sites.

Title: Guide to Indian and Southeast Asian Art
A list of print and online resources with links to relevant sites, including some for images.

Title: Librarian's Index to the Internet
The Art by Region section on this page has links to many sites under the headings Asian Art, Buddhist Art, and Himalayan Art.

Title: Orientations: The Magazine for Collectors and Connoisseurs of Asian Art
The web site of this journal provides abstracts of articles in current and back issues, an exhibitions calendar, and extensive links to dealers, events, museums, artists, and other sites.

Title: WWW Virtual Library: Chinese and Japanese Art History - Links to Related Sites
Hundreds of links to museums and exhibitions, texts (books, journals, databases), images, libraries, and organizations.

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