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Student Space Gallery Application

Complete this form to apply for a Student Space Gallery show for Spring 2018.
Fields marked with a (*) are required. Apply by Monday, October 2, by 4:00 PM.

Visit the Career Development website for more resources to help you put together a successful application. There will also be an application preparation workshop on September 20 from 12-1 pm in Main 110.

Rules for Submission

  • Completed applications are due electronically to the Student Activities Office on October 2 by 4:00 pm.
  • All work exhibited in the SSG must belong to the same body of work and be consistent (size, style, medium) with the slides submitted to the jury for review.
  • All work you intend to exhibit must be gallery ready.
  • PowerPoint Slideshows are the only format we will accept. The Supplemental Material Document must be submitted in a MS Word document or PDF (see below for required application components).
  • We will work with you to accommodate your proposal requests; however the jury is responsible for making the final decisions about exhibition dates and locations.
  • Work submitted for exhibition should be the work that is shown in the application.
  • Additional pieces may be added (upon staff approval) as long as they belong to the same body of work and are consistent in size, style, and media.
  • If you intend to show work that is still in the process of being made, you must describe your work and intended timeline in the space proposal section of your Supplemental Materials Document.
  • The gallery manager reserves the right to approve/disapprove the installation of exhibitions that are inconsistent with material submitted during the application process.
  • Should your proposal be selected, you will be financially responsible for costs associated with publicity, installing your work, and will be held responsible for returning the gallery to its original condition after your exhibition.

Application Components

All applications must include the following components to be considered complete:

Powerpoint file with 5-10 slides of your proposed work
  • Please submit your work in the form of a PowerPoint Slideshow. The content of your presentation should not include your name or other identifying information.
  • If you are an individual, please submit 5-10 slides of your work. If you are a group, please submit 5 slides from each artist and a group artist statement with your proposal.
  • Videos may be uploaded via the application when applicable, but be mindful of the 20 MB file upload limit.
  • Tips:
    • In the notes section, you may include the title of the piece, media and dimensions, but this information can be distracting when it appears on the slide with the image of your work.
    • Be sure your photo documentation highlights the strongest components of your work!
    • Check the format of your presentation on a Mac and PC!

    Supplemental Material Document: Your Supplemental Materials Document must be submitted as a MS Word document or PDF and should not include your name or other identifying information.

    Your Supplemental Material Document must contain the following information in ONE document.
    • Slide List: This should correspond with the work included in your PowerPoint (or number), media, and dimensions
    • Artist Statement: Your artist statement should explain your intentions and the concept underlying your work. It should supplement the visual materials you provide so the jury understands the direction you intend to go, and what you are trying to achieve with your exhibition.
    • Projected Budget: It is good to think through the costs associated with your installation so you are not caught off guard down the road. Please provide a budget of the materials you will need to execute your installation. Keep in mind that you are PERSONALLY responsible for the costs associated with hanging and installing your work, so be realistic in your proposal.
    • Space Proposal: This should include how many pieces you intend to hang, the sizes, configuration, and any other plans that would help the jury to get a comprehensive understanding of your proposed exhibition. Tip: Proposals for installations and performances should be written out with accompanying diagrams, sketches, or videos.

    If you are a graduate student and would like to exhibit your work in the Graduate Student Space Gallery please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 410-225-5274.

    Personal Information:
    Exhibition Information
    Files to Upload
    • Use only alphanumeric characters in your file names. Refrain from using # / \ : ; , characters in file names. Total upload should not exceed 100MB. You will get an error message if your file size is too large.

    By clicking submit this certifies that I have read the above information and agree to abide by the rules for submission, assuming costs associated with publicity, vinyl, and any gallery damages associated with my exhibition.

    Questions? Contact Cynthia Fang, Student Space Gallery Manager,, in Student Activities.